If you are looking to buy or sell a house in or around Sacramento, you want to know the 2019 Sacramento housing market forecast. The Sacramento housing market forecast 2019 is a mixed bag. California has more demand than houses available, and Sacramento is no exception.

2019 Sacramento Housing Market Forecast

California housing market predictions 2019 are taking into account the current trends and local effects of industry and the demand for affordable housing. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

2019 Sacramento Housing Market Forecast

Image from CityofSacramento.org

Affordable Housing

There is no question that the 2019 Sacramento housing market forecast addresses affordable housing. But how? All over California, there is a tremendous need for housing, and not enough homes available. Furthermore, state voters signed off on new bonds for affordable housing and resources to help combat homelessness, and Sacramento is facing rent-control measures in 2020.

All this said, we still have an uncertain future in affordable housing. However, local leaders are definitely under pressure to address the crisis and do something about it.

Possible Recession

Some folks speculate that with another Presidential election not far off the horizon, that a recession could bring housing and industry construction to a screeching halt. The Sacramento real estate market forecast indicates this is not likely to be the case.

The market is quite different than what is what 10 years ago. Although a recession is always possible, the 2019 Sacramento housing market forecast still shows California to be thriving economically. If anything, construction of the housing market may slow down at some point, but we are not in danger of being overbuilt according to real estate experts.

sacramento housing market forecast 2019

Image from CityofSacramento.org

Conflicting Factors

In light of experts being noncommittal in their predictions for the Sacramento real estate forecast 2019, consensus currently is that the California housing market is thriving overall. On the other hand, people are frustrated and making noise amongst political activists to push for more affordable housing, as home values continue to rise.

Despite the grumblings about the cost of living in Sacramento, high rent for apartments, and lack of affordable housing, folks are still here. Sacramento has a sense of charm, and people don’t seem eager to leave that behind.

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