Home buying shouldn’t require a bottle of Excedrin. People want to live in a good neighborhood with good schools for their children to attend and safe parks for their children to play. Let’s take a look at the best neighborhoods in Elk Grove to get a glimpse of what this community has to offer.

Best Neighborhoods in Elk Grove


Sheldon is one of the best neighborhoods in Elk Grove that is rated a “best choice” by NeighborhoodScouts analysis. Housing mostly wealthy inhabitants, this is definitely a “white collar” community.

Median home value: $983,089
Average rent price: $1,346
Notable trait: 36% of people living in Sheldon work from home, which means there is not a lot of commuter traffic.

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Grant Line Rd/Bradshaw Rd

Noted as one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Elk Grove, this community has low crime rates, nice homes, good schools, and includes a high number of college-educated homeowners.

Median home value: $902,042
Average rent price: $1,270
Notable trait: This neighborhood has more people of Portuguese ancestry at 3.3% than anywhere else in America!

Bradshaw/Sheldon Rd

This community is primarily owner-occupied homes in a suburban neighborhood. Demand for this neighborhood is high and may reflect price increases.

Median home value: $619,353
Average rent price: $2,671
Notable trait: This must be the in the automobile neighborhoods in Elk Grove Hall of Fame! Households in this community tend to have four, five, or more cars to their household – more cars per household than in 99.9% of the neighborhoods in the country. That gives all new meaning to American muscle!

Elk Grove Blvd/Laguna Lake Way

This is a delightful neighborhood where most of the homes are owned rather than rented. You’ll find this to be a charming community!

Median home value: $582,778
Average rent price: $1,684
Notable trait: Most neighborhoods in Elk Grove were built in stages, over a mix of time periods. You usually find older established neighborhoods mixed with new developments. However, this particular community has the unique trait of the residential real estate all being built all in the same time period – between 1970 and 1999.

best neighborhoods in elk grove

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The Franklin community is more of a rural neighborhood. It features a mixture of owner-occupied and rental homes. The vacancy rate here is low and housing demand is tight- so get in while you can!

Median home value: $570,401
Average rent price: $1,139
Notable trait: The time-honored tradition of Americans living on farms, in the forest, or on the sea is reflected in this Franklin neighborhood. About 5.3 % of residents in this neighborhood are still working in the fields. In fact, this community has a greater concentration of field workers than over 96% of neighborhoods throughout the United States.

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